JavaScript Resources

JavaScript was developed in an effort to make web pages more dynamic than possible through HTML or other languages. Since that time, JavaScript has grown to become one of the most used programming languages in web design and development. It has also grown into a language used for many non-web applications as well. History and […]

Biomedical Engineering: A Closer Look

Biomedical engineering is the combination of engineering, biological science and medicine. The practice focuses on improving the quality of life through experimental and analytical techniques. Biomedical engineering is influenced by many engineering and medical subfields. Biomedical engineers will usually focus on a particular branch or a related branch such as, bioinstrumentation, biomaterials, biomechanics, cellular, tissue […]


Engineering Degree Guide: Robotics Resources   The word “robot” was first heard by audiences watching Rossum’s Universal Robots, a 1921 play written by Karel Čapek. Robots in Čapek’s play were fully automatic machines which fit more with the modern concept of androids. This term was transformed into “robotics” by Isaac Asimov in his 1941 story […]

Geoscientists and Hydrologists

Geoscience The study of geosciences involves the examination of the earth’s physical aspects, including rock composition and processes of rock formation. Underneath the generic heading of geoscientist reside a number of specific scientific specializations, including paleontologist, geologist, and geophysicists. Depending on the employer, a geoscientist is responsible for collecting field samples of ground or rock, […]

Chemical Engineering Resources

Engineering Degree Guide: Chemical Engineering Resources Although difficult and challenging, the prospect of incorporating science with real world applications is an exciting part of scientific discovery. One example of a direct relationship between scientific progress and modern applications can be found in the field of chemical engineering. Many believe that chemistry and engineering have little […]

Careers in Mathematics

One of the oldest and most significant of sciences, the field of mathematics has grown increasingly popular throughout the last decade. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, mathematicians held approximately 2,900 jobs in 2008. In addition, there were about 54,800 jobs for postsecondary mathematical science teachers that very same year. A study […]

Aerospace Engineering: Deep Space 1

Deep Space 1 Dedicated to testing new technologies for deep space and interplanetary missions, NASA launched Deep Space 1 (DS1), NASA’s first spacecraft in the New Millennium Program. Deep Space 1’s purpose was to test the viability of the ion engine, autonomous navigation software, solar power concentration array, miniature camera, and 8 other technologies that […]

Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Degree Guide: Mechanical Engineering Engineers bridge the gap between conceptual theories of science and the practicality of everyday life. They address problems from a scientific background to provide the best solution available. Arguably the oldest and most well documented field of engineering is its application to mechanical devices. This occupation involves the design, production […]

Python Tutorials

Python is a high-level computer programming language with features that make it appropriate for general use, even by inexperienced programmers. The language is interactive and object-oriented and was designed to be clear and understandable. Python is used to write scripts, websites, games and applications. Python: An Introduction First released in 1991, Python was created to […]

Engineering Guide: Chemistry Resources

Basic Concepts The principles of chemistry include topics such as chemical nomenclature, atomic structure, periodic table, chemical reactions, Stoichiometry, and acids and bases.  Basic Chemistry Concepts Acids and Bases General Chemistry Glossary Acid Base Chemistry Dimensional Analysis Units and Dimensions in Physical Chemistry Introduction to Chemical Nomenclature Chemistry Basics    Atoms, Molecules, and Ions An […]

Civil Engineering Online Resource Library

Civil engineering encompasses design, construction and maintenance. Civil engineers focus on both natural and man made environments, such as roads, bridges, buildings and dams. Civil engineering is actually the oldest discipline in the engineering field. Civil engineers can specialize in a wide range of sub-disciplines and apply the principles of that sub-discipline to all aspects […]

Steam Engines

Although the first known steam engine, called the aeolipile, was invented in ancient Greece by the mathematician Hero of Alexandria, steam engines rose to their zenith in America during the modern Industrial Revolution, which peaked during the first half of the 19th century. Steam technology changed the landscape of America by providing a convenient source […]


Engineering Degree Guide: Studying Entropy for Chemical Engineering The term “entropy” was created by a German scientist, Rudolf Clausius, to describe the measure of energy wasted by an isolated system (in other words, the energy not used to perform work). Energy loss occurs in virtually all systems, as complete efficiency is hard to accomplish. Entropy […]

CSS Tutorials

The CSS language, or Cascading Style Sheets, supplements HTML and allows a web developer to greatly enhance the visual appearance of any website. The language defines the layout of HTML documents by customizing fonts, colors, margins, height, width, lines, background images and other visual elements. While HTML can be used to visually configure a website, […]

Engineering Better Fracking Practices

Introduction The ever-increasing demands for energy coupled with political instability in many oil-producing regions overseas have pushed industrialized nations to develop the means to access fossil fuels located in domestic reserves. Shale is known to potentially trap large amounts of natural gas, and large reserves of shale are located throughout the United States. Among the […]

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