Engineering Programs

What other areas of study are related to my engineering program?

As a student in an engineering program, you may be interested in exploring programs with similar concepts, and might also consider taking an elective course in these fields to supplement your engineering education.

There is a significant amount of overlap between engineering and physics. Student engineers will likely take a course in foundational physics in their first year at an on-campus or online engineering program.

Taking additional physics courses as electives may broaden your knowledge in the fundamental properties and laws that govern space, time, energy and matter. Classes in electricity, magnetism, circuitry and thermodynamics are commonly taken in a physics program but also have real world applications for engineers.

In addition to physics, mathematics is another core component of an engineering program. In fact, a physicist invented calculus, which is a primary application used by engineers every day. Engineers use high-level mathematical calculations regularly to measure structural integrity, energy consumption, speed and strength. Honing your mathematics knowledge and learning to analyze mathematical data will assist you in your practice as an engineer.

Architecture is another area that shares key components with engineering. Someone interested in mechanical or civil engineering with a focus on building and design may also want to look into architecture. Where an architect envisions and designs the plans for a building, the civil engineer works to make sure the building is structurally sound.

What internships should I pursue during my on-campus or online engineering degree program?

Boeing, an aerospace and defense corporation in the U.S., has an internship program that accepts unpaid interns from on-campus or online engineering programs to work with professionals in the field.

Internships are matched with your engineering discipline and are available for students seeking an industrial, mechanical, computer or electrical engineering degree. Boeing has locations in 11 states but may provide relocation expenses, lodgings and mileage reimbursement for eligible candidates.

Departments of Transportation in states across the county offer engineering internships to students with a minimum of 1 year of courses from traditional top engineering programs and the best online engineering programs. Many of the internships offer an hourly wage and include opportunities in transportation engineering specialties, such as road and bridge construction, urban design and traffic safety studies.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration links students from the best engineering programs to internships that match their experience and fields of interest. Opportunities include the Achieving Competence in Computing, Engineering and Space Science internship, which is a 10-week paid internship program at NASA centers around the U.S.

The internship is designed for undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities who have strong science backgrounds. Students with an aerospace, civil, mechanical or fire protection engineering degree may be eligible for future employment after graduation.

Are there any movies or TV shows that I might enjoy during my engineering degree program?

The 1995 space drama Apollo 13 highlights brains over brawn in its depiction of the 1970 Apollo 13 mission to the moon. When the spacecraft is crippled by a nearly fatal accident, the team of scientists onboard, as well as a team of engineers at NASA, work together to creatively problem solve in order to increase the chances of bringing the team home safely.

The television show MacGyver ran from 1981 to 1992 but remains in syndication worldwide. Protagonist Angus MacGyver is a secret agent who refuses to carry a gun on his missions but gets himself out of dangerous situations by applying his engineering knowledge to invent gadgets to solve his problems.

Creators of the show insist that the inventions depicted have solid science behind them. Students taking engineering programs online or on-campus can watch MacGyver create a torpedo out of sticks, rags, rocks and a pipe, but will likely be more drawn to the show for entertainment.

The film October Sky is the inspiring 1999 biography of former NASA engineer Homer Hickam. Hickam was born in a poor coal-mining town and went on to become a successful aerospace engineer at NASA from 1981 to his retirement in 1998.

Are there any accelerated campus-based or online engineering programs to help me finish my degree faster?

For students looking for a career change to engineering, Boston University’s Late Entry Accelerated Program offers students with a bachelors in liberal arts, business, fine arts or education an accelerated track to earning a masters in one of 7 engineering disciplines. Eligible students will take only 10 to 12 core undergraduate engineering courses before entering the full masters program as opposed to over 20 for the traditional undergraduate engineering program.

Drexel University offers an accelerated undergraduate degree in engineering, which enables academically qualified students to earn both a bachelors and an advanced degree at the same time. The program allows undergraduates to start their engineering studies earlier in order to graduate a semester ahead of other students.

University of Vermont offers an accelerated MS in engineering for civil and environmental engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. The program allows undergraduate engineering students to take engineering courses earlier in their program, enabling them to graduate with a masters in just 1 additional year of coursework and research instead of 2 years.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers an accelerated masters program in engineering with a concentration in engineering management online.

Designed for working professionals, the program is 1 of a few accredited engineering online programs and has a fast track option with four 10-week modules offered per year. Areas of focus are on organizational structure and development, statistics, risk, economic analyses and project management. The university also offers several other distance programs in engineering, including an online engineering bachelors degree.