Guide to Engineering Scholarships

Use the engineering scholarship database to find funding opportunities for your engineering program, whether you are completing advanced graduate research or just starting an undergraduate science and engineering program. With this directory, you can search for scholarships sponsored by specific schools or states, ensuring that you find the scholarship opportunities unique to your area. If you have already started your traditional or online engineering program, you can even search by minimum GPA requirements to find scholarships that match your current academic record. Meanwhile, if you are just starting, you should instead begin your search by enrollment level or renewability, as this will help you find scholarships for which your program is eligible and which you can receive year after year. Finally, the directory has an option for sorting scholarships by ethnicity, which allows you to find engineering scholarships intended for students of your particular ethnic heritage.

To find more funding opportunities, search for engineering scholarships online and be proactive in exploring other avenues. If you are already part of the engineering field and want more education, your employer may be willing to sponsor part or all of your program’s expenses. If you’re currently in an engineering program, ask your department head or financial aid office about additional funding opportunities, such as departmental scholarships, work-study opportunities, and lab assistant positions.

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Identify Trends in Engineering Scholarships

Engineering is a scholarship-rich field, with many opportunities specifically targeting engineering majors. Some scholarships are also available to students in science, technology, and mathematical disciplines, but many are available exclusively to engineering students. Engineering scholarships also award more money than those in many other disciplines, with an average award of more than $3,000.

Most engineering scholarships are focused on a specific field within engineering rather than being available to all engineering students. For example, if you specialize in a field like civil engineering or automotive engineering, there will be more scholarship opportunities available to you. The likelihood of obtaining a niche scholarship is also greater, as there are fewer eligible applicants for specialty scholarships than for general engineering scholarships.

There are also many engineering scholarships available exclusively to women. In addition, there are fewer women than men in the engineering disciplines, which makes for a smaller pool of potential competitors for scholarship money.

Key Engineering Scholarships

BMW/SAE Engineering Scholarship

This scholarship is provided by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in partnership with BMW AG, and is targets high-performing high school students who want to pursue engineering degrees. The scholarship award is $1,500 per year for up to four years. This is a very selective scholarship, with a GPA requirement of at least 3.75 and a rank in the 90th percentile or higher on the math and critical reading components of the SAT or ACT.

AGC Education and Research Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship

This scholarship, provided by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), is intended for students who want to specialize in construction engineering or construction management. This award is worth $2,500 per year of undergraduate study and can be renewed for two additional years. College sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students enrolled in construction management or construction engineering related programs at ACCE or ABET accredited schools are eligible to apply.

Directory of Engineering Scholarships